These workshops are currently still in development . Keep checking in for when they are available to be booked.

Following up from our first series of workshops which focussed on RSE, we have broadened our coverage to wider social issues. Here, we look at workshops and performances which create space for participants to engage with issues they may not consider in day-to-day life an share their thoughts and views. 

Accepting Others Workshop

Suggested Age Group:

Year 7

Our theme for this workshop is accepting and respecting others. Activities in this workshop session prompt participants to consider what changes might occur and taking on the mantle of accepting what is proposed, rather than being critical and resisting a suggested action/movement/idea. Participants should be able to observe how constructive a community can be when acceptance is considered; perhaps even unexpected collaboration and harmony. The performance allows participants to witness when there is a lack of inclusiveness within a social environment. Towards the end of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity share in discussion and analyse the action they have seen.

Lonely Together; Let's Talk Suicide

Suggested Age Group:

Year 11


This piece of theatre and discussion was developed alongside the guidance of PAPYRUS, a suicide prevention charity, and interviews with professionals in the mental health support, including psychotherapists and wellbeing counsellors. This play explores the life of one character, Jamie Wilson. She shares with the audience her current situation and what she has missed out on due to her current lifestyle. The audience discover more by welcoming the three closest people in her life. Between each scene, the audience are invited to participate in discussions to analyse what they think of Jamie's current state and where this might lead to.

The performance if followed by a small workshop which focuses on a healthy mindset. The workshop encourages participants to think about moments/events/happenings in life that could impact someone negatively and then the contrast that with moments/events/happenings in life that could impact someone positively. Our workshops aim to highlight that although the positives in life stop us from thinking about the negatives, it is important sometime to acknowledge and talk about what impacts us negatively. The workshop concludes by encouraging participants to think about people or charities they could speak to if they ever felt they needed to. All discussions are focussed on to Jamie, adhering to a one step removed approach.

Please feel free to get in touch for a copy of the script for your perusal or a copy of a filmed performance is available.

As with all our workshops, participants can choose to back out if they wish too. 

Running Time: Approx. 1hour 

Click here to see our Making of... Lonely Together


Mindfulness workshop

Suggested Age Group: N/A




Gambling Play

Suggested Age Group: N/A


This piece is currently in development. The play will focus around the accessibility to gambling, the types of gambling people come across and the effects it has had on the characters in the play. This will be an interactive piece where the participants can challenge the characters' thought processes and decisions, but also learn about the dangers of gambling.


Play exploring domestic abuse issues

Suggested Age Group: N/A


Another plays in the pipeline. Please revisit the page to find out more information at a later date. Thank you!



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