RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) Workshops

This series of workshops was our first project that we created during our time on the MA course at the University of Chester. When we began this project, our research showed that the emphasis on this topic was increasingly becoming more prominent and gained huge importance from government websites.


Our workshops vary greatly from consent, to post-pregnancy options to Sexting, but all of our workshops are grounded in Healthy relationships; this is our personal belief that ultimately this what needs to be established first so that students can move through the workshop from the same basis. We also believe that this is apparent to the real world.

"In a survey, carried out by the Department of Education, it was concluded that “the importance of the educating secondary school pupils about healthy relationships was seen as the most important element of relationship education".

(Department for Education & Ipsos MORI, 2019)

Below, are summaries of the workshops. If you would like to view a full workshop plan, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Consent Workshop

Suggested Age Group:

Years 7-9

In this workshop, we use drama activities that encourage participants to pay attention to the 'other'. By using non-verbal activities, the students should focus on how their actions  effect their partners in  mirror and movement based exercises. The workshop then moves onto a discussion around the exercises, picking up on how the participants felt and how this may have related to the topic of consent. The workshop is then rounded off by a small performance, where the participants will be asked to observe the action and then give feedback to the characters. By using the one-step removed in scenarios performed by us, the advice given by students is evidence to us that they are actively thinking about the focus of the workshop.

Running Time: Approx. 1 hour (flexible to about 50 minutes if required).


Sexting Workshops

Suggested Age Group:

Year 9-10


One of our main focuses when covering this topic is the idea of manipulation. Through a variety of drama games and challenges, participants have the opportunity to see how it feels to be manipulated and to be the manipulator. After each exercise, we ask the participants to think how what they have just done could be applied to the much more serious matters of Sexting; outcomes vary from the fear of sending something out and losing control of it to how a phrase or picture shared is taken out of context.


We then encourage the participants to depict/show each other a pre-written story through a series of tableaux. In between each sharing, we will open up discussions about what we saw in the images and what could be interpreted. By focussing on the non-verbal performance, participants have to dig deeper to arrive at their own conclusions; sometimes speech within a performance can narrow discussions and is definite. Non-verbal exploration allows for a broader range of interpretations and views to be shared in the discussions.


Running time: Approx. 1 hour (flexible to about 50 minutes if required)

Body Image Workshops

Suggested Age Group:

Year 7-11


This workshop is designed to encourage participants to begin an exploration of 'Body Image'. The workshop uses a variety of familiar games and exercises, each one having been tailored  to open up a discourse on what 'body image' means to the participants. The workshop also highlights influences of body image, such as fabrication and social media. After exploring their own definition of body image and surrounding factors throughout the workshop, the participants then move on to how one can have a healthy relationship with oneself. The participants are then asked to use what they have previously learnt in an analytical sense through applying the notions to a performance. This then opens further, whole group discussion, also allowing for any questions to be raised. 

Running time: Approx. 1 hour (flexible to about 50 minutes if required)

Post-Pregnancy Options-

What Now?

Suggested Age Group:

Year 10-11


This play follows teenagers Evie and Tom as both them together and as individuals face their biggest challenge yet. After a mishap with contraception, Evie discovers she is pregnant. The play watches Evie and Tom deal with finding the right decision for them, along with facing outside pressures and influences. The couple are confronted with three options and must analyse each choice in regards to their current situation. As we learn more about the lives of our characters, we can begin to make a judgement on how each choice may affect them both. Once the play is over, the audience are then asked to discuss the pro’s and con’s of each option the protagonist faces.

"The final decision regarding an abortion should rest with the pregnant person... We fully support education regarding abortion as part of comprehensive relationships and sex education so all people are able to fully understand their options and partners are able to be supportive, whatever the outcome of a pregnancy." (FPA, 2019, p. 3). 


Running Time: Approx. 1 hour


Click here to see our Making of... What Now? 

Issues surrounding Pornography Workshop

Suggested Age Group:

Year 9-11


The accessibility to explicit images and videos has become a new challenge with the development of the technology and as a result, views of sex become distorted and misleading. In this workshop, we aim to de-mystify the perceptions of sex that are presented in pornography. Using true or false as our foundations, this workshop explores the issues surrounding pornography in a respectable manner. Furthermore, there will be an exploration of how power and control is portrayed in sexual relationships and how this changes in reality. 

"Instead, schools should be providing comprehensive relationships and sex education including opportunities to frankly discuss issues such as relationships, and concepts such as gender, consent and power. This will support young people to contextualise pornography as a fantasy and challenge some of the potentially damaging messages and stereotypes some pornography may contain." (FPA, 2017, p. 3).

Approximate Running Time: 50 minutes

Workshop on STI prevention

Suggested Age Group:

Year 9-10


This workshop encourages participants to think about preventative measures, while also consider actions that should be taken if someone has contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI), as well as addressing stigmas surrounding STI's. Using interactive activities combined with a relevant performance, the participants will have the opportunity to actively engage with the issues raised throughout. The participants will be presented with a scenario representing the relevant topic, which they are then to analyse and make informed decisions from. The session will conclude with a simple True or False activity based on what they have seen to confirm learning development. 

"FPA believes this shows there’s a need for improvements in education and prevention programmes, to reduce the public health risk posed by STIs. Information needs to be easily accessible, non-judgemental and reflect the reality of people’s experiences of sex and relationships; research shows that information targeted and tailored in terms of age, gender, culture and background is the most effective in achieving good health outcomes." (FPA, 2019, p. 3).

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour


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