Who are we?

DASH Outreach Theatre aims to:

  • Use drama as a creative learning tool within the school curriculum.

  • Help to open a comfortable discourse on topics within Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) as well as other social issues.

  • Adopt a kinaesthetic approach that enables an opportunity for students/participants to engage differently.

  • Enable students to explore a topic and then apply their knowledge to a given example.

  • Assist in the delivery of RSE within schools.

  • Explore choices, not enforce choices.


DASH Theatre was setup by Ashleigh Husselbee and Dave Humphreys, graduates of the University of Chester, who have worked together to create workshops that use drama as a tool to reinforce and support what is taught in the curriculum. 


Through their research during their Master of Arts course, the two facilitators were able to devise methods which aimed to use drama for subjects considered non-academic, such as Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) topics. By using drama and kinaesthetic based activities, the workshops give the participants an opportunity to engage, or re-engage, with issues in the outside world.

The Team



Ashleigh developed an interest in Drama from the age of thirteen when she had a particularly talented secondary school teacher. Since a love for Drama ignited in her, it has been the main focus for the rest of her academic life.

She completed her A-Levels at Madeley Academy Sixth Form, leading her on to study BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Studies and an MA in Drama at the University of Chester. It was during her second year of university that she discovered and developed an interest in Applied Theatre. The university delivered a module exploring this where Ashleigh, along with Dave and other fellow students worked together to deliver cross-curricular workshops based in Drama at St David’s College, Llandudno. The rewarding nature of and fun in creating these workshops lead Ashleigh to continue further in Applied Theatre.

Ashleigh has gained more experience in workshop facilitation through working for Performing Pathways, a facilitation company within the University of Chester. Performing Pathways specialise in running drama-based workshops informing school pupils on post-GCSE options and pathways that can be taken down the line in their education. Within this, Ashleigh has gained experience with a vast range of students, varying in ages and abilities.
Ashleigh is now, creating even more workshops with Dave in DASH Theatre.

Dave attended Weekly Workshops at Theatr Clwyd for ten years, where he learnt about theatre craft and opportunities to work with various professionals from the industry. During his time there, he was fortunate enough to audition for 'The Suicide' directed by Barry Kyle in 2009.

After completing his A-Levels at Castell Alun High School, Dave enrolled at the University of Chester on the BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Studies course. Here, he found his career path leaning towards applied theatre, developing an interest in how theatre can be used within community and educational settings. In second year, he was part of a team of students who lead six different workshops for various classes at St. David's College, Llandudno. Having been successful here, Dave for the remaining time of the undergraduate course focused on developing his understanding of drama in various forms, with emphasis on Theatre-in-Education. 

Dave created his first Theatre-in-Education (TiE) piece during his MA course which focuseded on suicide awareness, working with professionals in therapy and welfare as well as the suicide prevention charity, PAPYRUS, to devise 'Lonely Together; Let's Talk Suicide'.

Dave is now looking forward to this new venture. Finally establishing a company to continue his partnership with Ashleigh, and promote their specialist work.




All of our team members are in possession of clean DBS certificates. We are also more than happy to apply for a DBS to suit our clients.

This being said, we would like to remind clients that they still owe a duty of care over the participants and as part of our child-centred approach, the presence of teachers or staff who know the participants well is hugely appreciated so that we can adapt our workshops when covering specific issues.


Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 3:00pm​


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